Business Intelligence

is the ability
to adapt to change.

BCforward realizes that in today’s economic climate, it is critical that business leaders make decisions and predictions based on sound data that has been analyzed, put into inherent representation and generated in applicable reporting capabilities. Business Intelligence is about using your organization’s information assets to drive better performance and make better decisions faster. With the right approach, organizations leveraging a BI solution are better positioned to react to customer demands and new business opportunities. They can also identify areas of cost savings, revenue and profit growth, as well as risk and compliance which are extremely important given today’s economy.

BCforward has demonstrated the ability to implement Business Intelligence utilizing Data Analytics. Our BI team consists of trained, certified professionals within the industry. Our BI solutions turn raw data into information that better supports decision-making within a corporation and allows a company to more effectively manage their data. At BCforward, we partner with our clients to design solutions that will improve customer contact, optimize profits, and improve decision making. By connecting strategic, analytical, and operational initiatives, our BI solutions ensure our client’s competitive edge.

BCforward BI Consulting services include a full suite of BI solutions

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Data analytics focuses on the process of deriving a conclusion based solely on what can be known with the given information. Data analytics is used in many industries to allow companies to make better business decisions. In a company’s ITdepartment, data analytics is examining the controls for an organization's information systems, operations and processes. This examination is used to determine whether the systems in place effectively protect data, operate efficiently and succeed in accomplishing a corporation’s goals. At BCforward, we have utilized data analytics to help a client analyze and organize product ordering and sales data to determine which customers are more or less likely to buy a product or service.

In information technology, a dashboard is a user interface that organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to decipher. Modern data analytics uses information dashboards supported by real-time data streams. Real-time analytics involves dynamic analysis, based on data entered into a system less than one minute before the actual time of use. At BCforward we aim to integrate information from multiple components into a unified display or dashboard. For example, we have designed and built a dashboard that obtains information from the local operating system in a company’s computer, from one or more applications running externally, and from one or more remote sites on the Web and presents it as though it all came from the same source.

Enterprise Reporting provides business intelligence to the masses by delivering the integrated information represented by dashboards that impacts decision-makers throughout the enterprise. BCforward designs BI reports that allow individuals at all organizational levels to have targeted views of data in the most consumable format for day to day operations.

BCforward wants to make your company more competitive with our Business Intelligence consulting team. Our BI implementation framework consists of the following five points

  • Determine the key performance indicators, business drivers
  • Analyze the current variety of a data sources and determine the relevant data and applicable levels of granularity.
  • Match up the data with the main business processes.
  • Design and build dashboards that meet the needs of the business processes and their related KPIs / business drivers
  • Design and build reports that support the aggregated data represented on the dashboards.

Our implementation framework leaves a company using analytics to take the raw data and organize it to derive strategic insights that enable better decision making to reach business outcomes. Want to learn more...