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BCforward offers a comprehensive set of Outsourcing Services that allow our customer to:

Focus on the core competencies that distinguish a company as best-in-class

Reduce the "Total Cost of Ownership" through a process that allows for continued process improvements that leverage people, technology, and quality measurements

Provide improved responsiveness to a customer's need through the management of service level agreements

Provide greater flexibility and scalability through a flexible staffing arrangement

Lower risk through experienced resources and the use of a defined, consistent and repeatable process

Services Offerings include

  • Outsourcing Assessment / Strategy
  • Application Management(ERP and Le-gacy Maintenance and Support)
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • BI / Data Management
  • Production Support
  • Operations, Network and Desktop Support
  • Service / Help Desk

Service Highlights include

  • Pricing and service offerings scale to meet client needs
  • Flexible and scalable service options
  • Flexible delivery options supported by Global Customer Service Centers
  • Service Management System
  • Onsite service management
  • Proven methodologies