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BCforward can provide a variety of testing and quality services ranging from Test Strategy all the way through Test Execution. Our resources are skilled at creating high quality deliverables associated with all phases of testing and quality initiatives.

There are three major models for delivering an organizational wide testing capability. Organizations face the challenge of choosing the most effective model that generates the greatest ROI based on the organizations testing goals. Those models are Centralized, Distributed and a Hybrid of both models.

  • Economies of scale through size of testing organization that provide focus and specialization in processes, tools and procedures
  • Provides career paths and professional development for testers across a range of applications and tools
  • Provides resource flexibility and consistency by maintaining a single set of standards
  • Code migration, environment provisioning and release management can be integrated across projects
  • Drawback is a dilution of subject matter expertise on specific applications
  • Subject Matter Expertise in increased through focus on specific applications or lines of business
  • Resources are more knowledgeable regarding complex application behaviors
  • Facilitates closer working relationships between development and test team members resulting in improved efficiencies between groups
  • Drawback is a limitation in specialization of the testing competency with likely smaller teams that are unable to handle peaks and valleys in demand
  • Centralization of functions that gain economies of scale such as specialization in tools, best practices development and training, test environment provisioning, code migration, and release management
  • Centralized QA/Test organization with a distributed User Acceptance group that can retain subject matter expertise

BCforward can help with making the right choice when it comes to testing strategy. Our teams of experts are highly skilled in execution of both manual and automated testing. Want to learn more...