Managed Staff Services

Alone we can do so little,
we can do so much

Our goal is to allow you to outsource and consolidate day-to-day activities associated with the management of contingent labor to a single dedicated team. This team can be co-located on site and provides one point of contact for all aspects of the program. Managed services provides reduce cost, improve efficiency, increase compliance, and measure performance.

Provides on-site supervision and managers who will:

  • Manage staffing to meet the shift requirements.
  • Be available for daily meetings.
  • Manage the employee break process
  • Work with the customer to conduct investigations pertaining to till overages or any othercash manager.
  • Provide training at a variety of levels based on the position requirements.

On-site management of resources and activities

Dedicated account management including an on-site engagement manager

Daily metrics and SLA management leads to improved quality

Improved time to fill through accelerated deployment of resources

Improved governance, controls and feedback